Wireless Bike Computer Downloads

On this page you’ll find links to all of the downloads for the Geared2U Wireless Bicycle Computer.

The warranty certificate can be found on the main downloads page by clicking here.

Please click the links below for the download you would like to view:

Click here to view and download the Operations & Maintenance Manual

Click here to view a tire size chart for entering into the computer. Please note that you will be going off the Geared2U website to view the tire size chart. Ensure that you enter the tire circumference in centimeters into the computer. For example a  27 inch tire size could have a circumference between 215 and 217 centimeters (cm) depending on the type of tire installed on the rim. It is always best to use the ISO number from the tire to look up in a chart or to measure the tire diameter or roll out the tire for the most accurate results. Remember that you can calculate the circumference of the tire by multiplying the diameter of the tire in centimeters by 3.1416 (pi). Enter the number you get into the computer and you’re all set!

You can also find useful videos for all our products on our Video Page.

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